Happy Cat Kaoani

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jobs Fair at PwTc

It's so spooky here. I'm alone with my laptop though my families fall asleep up stair. I'm feeling to write 'bout me and abg went to Jobs Fair not long time ago.(20.11.2011),

Abg came from Batu Pahat, Johor by riding KKKL bus. At first he want to drive his favorite car. But i told him not to do so, to prevent him from tiring at the next day. Well known he is already employed. So he have duty on his job, no ponteng2.. :)

Well me came from Sabak bernam, What else? i dont have any vehicle..haha, Furthermore, i'm too frighten to drive a car for long distance.

My tickets was at 8.45am, abg tickets was at 8.00am. Abg was so jealous at me because he need to wake up and prepare earlier than me..hahaha, i just said "wekk, padan muker abg..hihihi".. I really miss him and love him very much.

Without our thought we arrived Pudu Raya at the same time. Yes, abg arrived KL earlier than me, but he need to take LRT to reach PuduRaya, the place we choose to met and have our lunch. After that about 1pm-2pm we start our journey to PwTc.

We take LrT StAr to reach pWtC, abg not even sure where the place is. He just walk by his heart. Walk Walk Walk and Walk,i'm follow him behind.

After we reach the Job Fair, we saw so many people there. At the front door, we need to registered and we were be given a visitor sticker. So that, they will recognize us as job seeker. So many booth there, hard to find booth with company which match with our courses.

After travelling a lot of trouble for seeking, Abg just whispered to me "jom balik". Then we just walk out from the "Dewan Tun Razak" We saw an ice cream seller, abg buy 2 ice cream. The ice cream was durian flavour even i saw chocolate colour on that ice cream.

I'm having fun hang out with abang, i hope we'll date again. Cause i miss him too much, ohh forget to write. We never forget to stop by Surau to do our duty as Muslim. We've our Solat Jamak at PuduRaya right after we finish our journey at pWtC.

p/s: oK da ngarut2 buat karangan bI .moh ler kiter tido.. daaa and niteeeeeee allzz :)